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Dear buyers, retailers, and shopkeepers,

Thank you for considering putting The Nice List on your shelves this year. To date I have sold The Nice List exclusively online, and it has been very successful. But I have sold it only by pre-order, and invariably I have been asked over and over again, “Where can I get a copy of this? I need help getting Christmas under control.” But those inquiries come in November when the pre-orders are filled, and the only option available is the PDF version and the paper copies are sold out. 

When I created The Nice List, I wrote it for people like me -- busy people who don’t start thinking about Christmas until November… or even December. You see, I started off as a high school English teacher. Then I went to work for a large church which meant a VERY busy December. And my favorite season of the year is Christmas. But as the years went by I found that I enjoyed Christmas less and less. I was busy, too busy, and the things I loved about Christmas fell to the wayside as I hurried through the season. By Christmas Day, after a long nap, I was finally ready to enjoy my holiday … and it was nearly over. I had missed so much joy. 

That is when I created The Nice List, and I pictured The Nice List sitting at the cash wrap of my favorite boutiques -- yours. It is attractive, elegant, and an easy impulse buy. 

The Nice List isn’t for the person who finishes their Christmas shopping by November 1. I am not that person, and I didn’t create this book for people like that. It is for people like me. It is for the mom or dad who does most of the shopping and planning for their family. Maybe they are juggling complicated family schedules. Perhaps they have stepchildren and shared custody to balance. Maybe, like I did, they have a job that is particularly demanding in November and December. Or maybe it is demanding all year. Or maybe they love to plan, and you are looking for a tool to help make it a little easier. 

The Nice List is the perfect size for a purse or backpack. I carry mine in my purse as soon as I get it. It is printed on archival paper and has a durable, faux-leather cover. It can take some abuse and keep going! And once your customers buy the 2019 edition, they will come back year after year looking for the latest edition of The Nice List

Retail orders are available through September 15, 2019 with delivery in mid to late October -- just as you are putting out your Christmas merchandise. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And thank you for making The Nice List part of your Christmas offerings this year!


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Wholesale price: $39 / bundle (3 books)

Suggested Retail Price: $25 each

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