The Nice List 2019: PDF Download

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The Nice List 2019: PDF Download

  • This is a digital download.

  • Delivery: mid-October

A FULL PDF version of The Nice List which you can print for yourself. Perhaps you want to add it to a planner you use currently. Or you don't really use planners, but want to support our project. In any case: thank you!

Please note: this is a DIGITAL file. You will receive the download after you pay.

The Nice List is an easy-to-use Christmas gift-giving planner which helps you get organized, save money, and give better gifts. And the Nice List helps you keep track of the gifts you give year after year -- so you never give the same gift twice unless you intend to do it!  

The Nice List will be bound in vegan leather with an elastic wrap to keep it closed. The cover will be embossed with gold, and the contents will be printed on archival paper — a thoughtful, elegant design. This is a planner small enough to take with you, but big enough for writing and journaling.

For printing instructions visit: The Nice List Printing

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