A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome: Autographed Copy

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A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome: Autographed Copy


From St. Peter’s Basilica to the Capitoline Hill, this unique resource—part biography, part history, and part travel guide—provides an intimate portrait of the relationship between Michelangelo and the city he restored to artistic greatness. Lavishly illustrated and richly informative, this travel companion tells the story of Michelangelo’s meteoric rise, his career marked by successive artistic breakthroughs, his tempestuous relations with powerful patrons, and his austere but passionate private life. Providing street maps that allow readers to navigate the city and discover Rome as Michelangelo knew it, each chapter focuses on a particular work that amazed Michelangelo’s contemporaries and modern tourists alike.

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Editorial Reviews

"Nickerson's book seamlessly interweaves the genres of biography, art history, and travelogue into a convenient . . . portable package."  —Art Blog by Bob

"Well-written, lively without being pat, informative without being burdensome, and at 163 pages, it's easily readable."  Grizzled Old Traveler

"Works well on many different levels . . . a great book."  —Wandalust

"Chockablock with information about the artist and his creations . . . that anyone interested in Michelangelo would want to see."  —New Jersey Star-Ledger

"An incredible read. Heading to Rome? Don't go without this book."  —Wandering Educators

"The richness of your visit will only be compounded by this insightful book."  —examiner.com

"There aren't many times I would be willing to carry two books around on a trip, but . . . this is a great addition to one's day pack."  —gogalavanting.com

"The combination of both personal and professional, with photos and maps, results in an art history book that invaluable to the Roman visitor and a joy for the armchair traveler."  —Bookstorepeople.com

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