Keeping a Gifts Received List


Every wedding planner tells you to do it. A good baby shower host does it, too. Making a list of gifts — who gives what — should be part of our seasonal habits, too! How many times have you gotten to the end of Christmas Day and realized that you aren’t sure where that red sweater set came from or who gave your child the new copy of Pinocchio?

But that confusion is easy to avoid. If you have a copy of The Nice List, just open it to the Thank You Notes section, and keep track as people open their gifts.

When you are opening gifts in a large group — on Christmas morning or at a birthday party, for example — designate one person to write down all of the gifts and recipients. That list can then be divided up as needed later.

What to record:

Description of the gift

Once everything is opened, make copies or photograph the list so that each person has their own list to take home.


make it really easy!

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I also have designated a part of my weekly planner pages for thank you notes. When I receive a gift or a gesture for which I want to write a thank you note, I record it there. Then once per week I sit down to write my thank you notes. This keeps it from being a burden, and makes writing the notes easy, quick, and enjoyable.
— Angela