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Gifts Under $15

If you have lots of gifts to give, like I do, then you probably end up with a bunch to give for under $15. There is nothing wrong with a $5, $10, or $15 per gift budget. But thoughtful givers like you always want to give a meaningful gift that isn’t just clutter. Remember: I am a big advocate for the Kon Mari Method — especially at Christmas time!

So, here are a few of my favorite suggestions for thoughtful gifts under $15.


Yummy Gifts


Coffee Sleeve: $10

Long, long ago — well, not THAT long ago — I lived in the town of Faribault, Minnesota. Faribault is home to one of the oldest woolen mills in the US, and I LOVED buying blankets there. They last for generations and are gorgeous. If a blanket isn’t in your budget, how about a blanket for your friend’s coffee cup? Faribault Woolen Mills makes these darling woolen coffee sleeves, and they are just $10 each! Inexpensive and environmentally-friendly — save those cardboard sleeves from the recycling bin!

fireball marshmallows.jpg

Fireball Marshmallows: $9

Fireball whiskey in marshmallow form? Yes, please! These silky, spicy pillows of goodness come in a cute box and at a great price for a delicious treat. Wondermade has marshmallows in other flavors, too, just in case Fireball isn’t your… er, cup of tea.

popcorn popper.jpg

Microwave Popcorn Popper: $15

Did you know that you can make popcorn in the microwave? No, not microwave popcorn all covered in oily chemical grossness — REAL popcorn! You can actually do it with nothing but a paper lunch bag, but this handy glass popcorn popper has the added bonus that you can melt butter at the same time — genius! And at $15 it is WAAAYYY cheaper over time than that chemical-laden fake stuff.

Have a little more to spend? Box this up with a bag of organic popcorn and some Greek Seasoning for a delicious gift.


For the Home

piep plants.jpg

Potted Plants

Even at Christmas time, potted plants can be easy to come by and inexpensive. And they make a house or office so cheery! You could even start with a hand-thrown pot from a local potter for a little extra pizzaz. Your local nursery probably has a houseplant area — and they might even be able to help you pot your plant, too.

But you can also order plants to be delivered anywhere in the country! Check out — they have a budget-friendly selection of pots and plants. They ship all over the country. And their plants arrive beautifully! Right now they have a selection that are BOGO, too.

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Hand-thrown Mug or Bowl

A handmade mug makes even the simplest cup of tea taste better! And bowls are always useful. Instead of heading to your nearest big box store, try your local ceramics studio, senior center bazaar, or artists center. Or look at Etsy. You’ll find hand-thrown mugs in a range of prices — and sets of mugs which you could split and use for multiple gifts. Throw in a few fancy tea bags or some cocoa, and you can give the gift of hygge at a very reasonable price — AND support an artist, too!

Wool Dryer Balls

These little balls of wool don’t look like much, but they are so practical. Throw them into the dryer with your clothes, and they tumble around helping your clothes dry faster and reducing static. You won’t need dryer sheets anymore! Practical and green, too!


Photo Gifts


Photo Magnet Set: $14

Magnets used to be consigned to the refrigerator. No more! At Bambino’s school, for example, they adorn the students’ lockers! I wish I had thought of that long ago! And for $14 Social Print Studio will send you 10 magnets — each with a different photo of your choosing on it. The best part: you can order this from your phone in your pajamas!

You can even split the set between several people if you are looking for something under $5. At $14 per set you have 10 gifts at $1.40 each!

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Framed Print

We are surrounded by photographs, but so many of them don’t end up on paper anymore, and it’s those prints that make our homes cozy, and remind us of the people we love every day! Having a photo printed doesn’t cost much. Frames can be inexpensive. And the end result is a thoughtful and cherished gift!

I particularly love these Ribba frames from Ikea. They are $3 each, and they come in several sizes, too.


Stickers: $9

Who doesn’t love stickers? I love them! And Moo’s sticker books are such a fun bargain. For $9 you get 90 tiny stickers. Each one can be a separate photograph or design if you want! You could order stickers for that child or friend with the really unusual name who NEVER finds personalized magnets in the store. Or photographs of your trip to Yellowstone last summer. Or spell out a secret message. Or propose — for $9, no less! Or give your direct reports a whole book of gold stars — what a morale boost!

Seriously, stickers rock!


Personalized Gifts

2018 giving guide.jpg

Monogrammed Ear Warmer: $11

As you may have realized, I love all things monogrammed. Monograms just make a simple gift all that much nicer, and these ear warmers are no exception. Perfect for a chilly walk or for watching a child’s hockey game at the rink, they also make a great layer under a hat for those of you in VERY cold places. And they come in a range of colors and monogram styles, too.


Personalized Charger Decal: $5

Every time my mother, sister, and I get together, I go home without one of my phone chargers. It is irritating and expensive. But no more! I got some of these personalized charger decals, and not only are my chargers cute, but they are also marked with my initials! This is a great and useful gift for coworkers, friends, and thieving relatives alike! And Wellbowed has a discount for ordering more than one, too, which makes them an even better deal. Charger decals for everyone!

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Personalize Almost Anything: $3 and up

There are hundreds of shops on Etsy — and probably in your local Facebook groups — that sell vinyl personalized decals. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and they dress up almost anything! Put them on a clipboard, a candle holder, cups, bins, tins, candy jars, barrettes, bar ware… honestly, the possibilities are endless! Purchase your containers first. Measure. Then order decals in the right size. Apply and give!

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