Fabulous Host & Hostess Gifts


When someone extends their hospitality we all love to show our gratitude, and a host or hostess gift is an easy way to do so. Whether you are invited for a meal or for an extended stay, a token of your gratitude shows that you appreciate your hosts’ gift of time and talents. Here are a few ideas for fantastic host and hostess gifts…

One of my favorite host gifts to bring is a nice bottle of wine and a small plant. I have two great lists — wines and bubbles — which will help you make a tasty choice with plenty of suggestions under $20 per bottle! Tie a bow around the neck, and you have a gift most hosts truly enjoy.


And what about a book about gratitude? Thanks a Thousand makes a lovely gift! And Illume candles are my new favorite gift! Cozy scents that are very earthy — not overwhelming. Be sure to include a well-written thank you note!


And while The Nice List Thoughtful Giving Guide is seasonal, there are some great suggestions worth considering in every price range.