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Planning on Paper Webinar: Okayest Mom's Summer Series

I’m excited to tell you that I am a featured speaker on the Okayest Mom’s Summer Series. I’ll be giving a webinar about Planning on Paper. It’s time to get old school about getting organized. Our brains benefit from the physical act of writing stuff down, and no phone app can do what a paper planner will do for you.

Drawing on current brain research as well as personal experience, I’ll introduce (or reintroduce) you to the art of planning on paper and my own practices. I approach planning like a yoga practice, and I’ll show you why. I’ll have resources to share as well as lists of my favorite planner products. And I’ll also tell you about The Nice List, the Christmas planner I publish each year. Pre-orders for The Nice List will be open, too.

Join us for this conversation about planning on paper! And you’ll get to meet the awesome moms of — they are more than just OK!

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Session Description

We all struggle to keep the details, obligations, and commitments in our lives in place. But brain research shows that the simple act of writing things down can help anyone better manage and prioritize. Angela finds planning on paper so useful, she has even published her own planner. Let her show you how to institute a practice of planning in your life and what a difference it can make!

For details and to register for the webinar, visit the link below. The single session cost is $19, and you can also subscribe for the entire week or the entire series. There are tons of great speakers lined up!

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