Awesome Halloween Costumes for Kids

Our house is all about costumes — every day, all year. Bambino is seriously into dress-up and often even goes to school in costume (I know. His teachers are fabulous). So, Halloween is pretty important around these parts. We don’t do scary Halloween. We do fun Halloween! And we don’t spend a ton of money on costumes, either. I usually make Bambino’s costume, so I am all about inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes.

I sew, but everything you see here could be done without sewing a stitch. Just makes some substitutions and pull out that glue gun, and you have a no-sew Halloween costume.

Here are four of my favorite costumes from the last few years: Lumiere, a Viking, a Dinosaur, and a Cowboy

Here’s my biggest tip: start with a basic unitard. They are inexpensive, come in a ton of different colors, and you can add lots of different pieces to them to create different looks. Plus: they are fun for dress-up after Halloween! Another option I love: Primary Pajamas. They come in great colors, and your kids can wear them to bed afterwards!

Click on the links below for instructions and more photographs of each of these costumes!

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