Setting Up a Facebook Closet Page

Selling your child’s clothes on Facebook can be a great side-hustle for busy parents.

Selling your child’s clothes on Facebook can be a great side-hustle for busy parents.

A Closet Full of Memories:
Using a Facebook Closet Page to Organize & Sell Your Child’s Clothes

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Thousands of parents and grandparents are buying and selling children’s clothes on Facebook every day. Hundreds of groups devoted to brands like Hanna Andersson, the Gap, Livie and Luca, H&M, Smocked Auctions, and more serve as a marketplace where parents find the cutest clothes in just the right size — and pay for their purchases by selling items their kids have already outgrown.

Get it all organized, and keep it all organized.

Get it all organized, and keep it all organized.

Maybe you are already selling, but you need some help getting organized. A Closet Full of Memories is for you! I show you exactly how I keep it all together — from managing photos and posting regularly to keeping your inventory neat and tidy.

Maybe you, like me, are trying Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, and you just aren’t sure what to do with those children’s clothes. A Closet Full of Memories is definitely for you! I show you how I use the KonMari Method to store items until they sell. And using my system will help them sell quickly.

Maybe you are thinking about selling, but you aren’t sure where to start. A Closet Full of Memories is for you! I walk you through the whole process — from sorting and starting your closet page, to setting up a shipping station.

Maybe you had no idea until now that this was even a possibility. A Closet Full of Memories is for you! Take a peek into this awesome way to make a little money, reduce your carbon footprint, and gain access to a world of gently-used children’s clothing at great prices.

A Closet Full of Memories
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A Closet Full of Memories is available for $11 (because this ebook goes to 11) as a digital download. It is full of tips and tricks for getting yourself organized online and off. Topics covered include:

  • What do you need to be able to sell?

  • What Clothes Sell | Preparing Items to Sell 

  • Establish a Workflow

  • Taking Good Photos

  • Editing Your Photos | Photo Templates

  • Branding

  • Writing Item Descriptions

  • Setting Up a Closet Page

  • Organizing Your Closet Page

  • Add a Shop Now Button

  • Using Your Closet Page

  • Organizing Your Inventory

  • Where to Buy & Sell

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It all started when I discovered…

It all started when I discovered Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I had broken my foot just weeks after moving across the country. I needed a project that could be done while sitting — sorting our drawers turned out to be just the thing.

We have one child, and I’d saved almost all of his clothes from birth. I’d always hoped another would come along — or perhaps a boy cousin. But I came to the realization that this wasn’t going to happen. So it was time to thank all of those sweet clothes for their good work — in true Kondo-style — and send them on their way. 

I needed to let them go. But where? 

As a devotee of children’s smocked clothing and classic clothes, I wondered: would someone buy these?

I’d been selling unused furniture and home items on Facebook and Craigslist for a long time. I always try to find something used before reaching for something new — reduce, reuse, and recycle! But the burgeoning market for used children’s clothing in BST groups and the Marketplace was a revelation. I realized that I had a closet full of valuables — just waiting to be sold. 

I had a big task in front of me: sorting all of those clothes, inventorying them, taking photos, and keeping them organized. 

A Closet Full of Memories is a map to the best practices that I developed.  

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I am a writer. Selling clothes is a great side-hustle for me, and buying and selling these gently-used clothes helps reduce our family’s carbon footprint as well as our budget. But I have to be organized, because this isn’t my full-time job — and it can become overwhelming if you aren’t organized. 

So, I applied many of Marie Kondo’s principles — as well as my marketing and photography skills — and created a workflow that is simple, straightforward, and replicable.

Using the system I’ve developed, you should be able to make money and tread lighter on our planet. Plus you’ll gain access to all kinds of great clothes from other sellers — at a fraction of the retail cost.

And if you have questions, check out my own closet page:

While I focused on my own experience with selling children’s clothing for A Closet Full of Memories, you can apply these same principles to selling purses, the contents of your grandmother’s home, car parts, or anything else. The system I have set forward is simple and replicable. And while it takes some time to set it up, it isn’t any more time than putting together a good garage sale would be — and you’ll have much better results! 

We live in a culture that encourages consumption — buy more, buy new, buy, buy, buy! But so many of us have too much, and we can save money and other resources by buying from each other. 

Wishing you lots of success!


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