Art Journaling


New content today: all about my practice of Art Journaling! I have only taken one studio art class since middle school -- a pottery class in college. So, let's be clear: I am not a trained artist. However, working in other media -- painting, drawing, collaging, scrapbooking, sewing -- unleashes my creativity and stretches me in new directions. 

Enter: Art Journaling. 

I actually have been journaling and art journaling for years -- I just didn't know that it had a name! I have boxes of journals embellished with photos and collages and sketches in addition to the words I have recorded. I always thought it was a little strange -- not a sketchbook, not purely words. Now I know it is its own medium: Art Journaling. 

Today I'm giving you a peek into Art Journaling -- the materials and practices I use as well as the two art journals on which I am currently working. I hope you'll take a look!

Art Journaling

My practice and techniques as well as a glimpse into my own Art Journals.

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