Broomfield Heights: Affordable Atomic Ranches


In 2017 we moved from Los Angeles to Colorado. We looked all over the Front Range for the just-right house, but when we stumbled on our little Atomic Ranch-style home in Broomfield, we were smitten!

My husband and I both have a bit of a nostalgic love for Mid Century Modern architecture. My grandparents had a gorgeous Mid Century home, and my grandmother and great aunt have both given me some beautiful Danish Modern furniture over the years. But a Mid Century home in California was always out of our reach. 

Enter Broomfield, Colorado! 

Broomfield Heights was established in 1956 -- a modern suburban community exactly halfway between Denver and Boulder. Carved out of farmland, Broomfield's master-planned neighborhood, featured Atomic Ranch-style homes with all of the amenities a 50's family would want. 

Broomfield's Mid Century roots have largely been forgotten. Mid Century homes in Denver are coveted and pricey, but the homes in Broomfield Heights aren't marketed as Mid Century or Atomic Ranches, and many, like ours, have been stripped of their original charm over the years. 

But we are out to change that! Without turning our house into a museum, we are working to update this cute little house and bring the best of Atomic Ranch living in the 21st century. 

One of the selling points for our neighborhood: this fabulous historic film! This is the original sales pitch for Broomfield Heights made in 1956. Enjoy!