Autumn Bunting

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This bunting looks beautiful on a fireplace mantel or above a doorway, and it is easy to make — probably with things you already have in your home. And scroll down for another fall decoration: a bunting for your front door or front porch. Use it instead of a fall wreath or as a piece of your other fall decorating ideas. Are you a teacher? The Autumn Bunting would also be great as a bulletin board or classroom decoration! The letters are printed on pages of a vintage primer from the late 1800s.



I love cheap decorations, and this one is very inexpensive. You probably have most of these things at your home already. I did! You’ll need:

  • 6 Paper lunch bags

  • Ribbon in 2 coordinating colors:
    Brown: 1 length that is at least 1 1/2 times as long as your mantel. Extra is nice so you can adjust how much swoop you want in the end.
    Green: 1.5 yards
    I used brown and green, but use what you have if you have ribbon around!

  • Printed copies of the PDF download for this project. It’s free — just click the link. You can print on standard copy paper or get fancy. That’s up to you! I just used standard copy paper.

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Glue Stick

  • Paper trimmer (optional)

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Autumn Bunting
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Step 1: Print & Cut

Print the PDF pages and cut along the dotted line.

Step 2: Prepare the Paper Bags

  1. Cut off the bottom of each bag.

  2. Fold the bag into quarters and cut one end so that it has five points.

  3. Wrinkle each bag for an aged appearance. You could even apply water and dry them or get really fancy with distress ink.

  4. Smooth the bags out again.

  5. Place a trimmed letter on top of a bag. Trim the bag to the desired length. Then trim all bags so they are the same size.

autumn bunting 8.jpg

Step 3: Punch Holes

Punch four holes at the top of each bag — in two sets of two.

autumn bunting 9

Step 4: Ribbon Embellishment

  1. Cut the shorter length of ribbon into 6 pieces — each 5-6 inches long.

  2. Thread this ribbon through the holes as shown

  3. Trim the ends.

autumn bunting 11.jpg

Step 5: Thread Bunting Together

Thread the letters onto the longer length of ribbon.

Space the letters out evenly across the length.

autumn bunting 12.jpg

Step 6: Hang & adjust

Every mantel is different! Adjust the spacing for your mantel, and hang using hooks or thumbtacks. Enjoy!


And here it is: our Autumn Bunting over the fireplace. Perfectly hygge for these chilly autumn days!

Our fireplace with the Autumn Bunting in place. So cozy!

Our fireplace with the Autumn Bunting in place. So cozy!

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Bonus: Home Bunting Download

Using the same materials and instructions, you can also make this Home Bunting for your front door, fireplace, or doorway!

Home Bunting
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